Meat Sales


Lamb is available to pre-order. We will do a run every few weeks if the demand is there, so please get in contact if you would like to order.

Half a lamb costs £70, a whole lamb £125. Individual cuts also available.

A whole lamb, also includes 3 packs of mince, not pictured.



½ a sheep consists of:

2 x half legs
2 x half shoulders
1 x boned & rolled breast
16 loin chops (packed in pairs)
10 rib chops (packed in pairs)

This comes to approximately 17kg of meat and costs £85.00


¼ a sheep consists of:

1 half leg
1 half shoulder
4 bags of mince (400-500g each)
8 loin chops (packed in pairs)
4 rib chops (packed in pairs)

This weighs approximately 9kg and costs £45.00


Individual cuts are priced as follows:

Leg of mutton – £12.00 per kg
Shoulder of mutton – £5.25 per kg
Loin chops – £10.00 per kg
Rib chops – £9.00 per kg
Mince – £8.50 per kg


The meat can be supplied fresh from the butcher if it has been pre-ordered. We have to store it in the freezer once we get it back, so please let us know if you would prefer fresh and we can accomodate you.

Meat packs shown above may be subject to change, if we have to substitute an item we will make sure it is of an equal or greater value.


Collection is welcome, we can also deliver to the local area.

Nationwide courier can also be arranged. We use WoolCool boxes and packaging as a sustainable insulating material.