About Us

We are a family of first-generation farmers, Daniel & Jenni, with our son, Toby and daughter, Jess. We rent about 30 acres of grazing land just south of Lancaster, in Lancashire. A fair proportion of the land is reclaimed moss-land, and we are close to the coast. Our immediate goal is to breed and produce quality sheep to either sell on as breeding stock or turn into tasty meat which we can sell on to the public. (Or eat ourselves!)

We started our flock in June 2016 and built up to a total of 60 breeding ewes, lambing these outside over April & May. Lambing season is now behind us and we are looking to build up flock numbers ready for next year, and focus on breeding good meat sheep. We tried a few breeds this year but feel that Mules work well for us, and will be crossing them with Texels and Suffolks to produce fat lambs. Our ultimate goal is to one day own our own property and expand the farming side of things, hopefully going into beef and pigs.